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Saturday 3 December 2011

Angle and Curve Promo

Here's a little something I worked on before leaving the UK. It's a promotional video Craig Bardsley, Julia Goehle and myself were commissioned to make for Angle & Curve - the company that I've been told by the unbiased owner, makes the best headphones on the globe.

From start to finish it took just 10 days. We were only able to work on it for a few hours each evening so unsurprisingly it is a little rough around the edges. Craig and myself devised the story and did the animation. Julia came up with the character design as well as some key-drawing clean-up.

Due to the tight deadline it was created as simply as possible, without using colour and drawing straight into the computer using the excellent free program Plastic Animation Paper.

As my day job usually has a focus on realism and detail it was refreshing to try and tell a whole story as simply yet clearly as possible. It was also a chance to try and rejuvenate my rusty drawing skills. Hope you like it.

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Nikhita P. said...

haha! I love the story!! so simple and so nice! Love!