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Monday 5 March 2012


John Carter is released this week, the film I spent almost a year working on. This gives me an excuse to share this great picture of the animators from Double Negative's room 402 created by Graham Gallagher.

Our costumes relate to what we were working on at the time Dan Pozo, Chris Page, Graham and Francesco Canonico are dressed as Tharks. Craig Rutherford is wrestling with some Thark hatchlings, Stafford Lawrence dons a Thoat costume while Brecht Debaene and I are sharing a White Ape costume ... for some reason I'm the back end!

More of Graham's work can be found HERE.

There's been a surprising amount of footage released from the film and the following section shows some of the shots I animated -

Rather than trying to describe them all, I've made the following pictorial montage.

The film looks pretty good I reckon, and I hope those of you planning to see it enjoy it.