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Friday 4 March 2011


I've always enjoyed watching the showreels of really experienced animators. They inspired me greatly in my earlier career and I find they're a great motivator during an occasional break from work. There was a great site called which used to feature links to all the best showreels around the internet. Unfortunately strutyourreel no longer exists; it briefly mutated and then sadly disappeared. The domain is now home to a fishing site.

This was a great loss to the animation community and as there is no sign of it's return a few of us have banded together and made a showreel website for ourselves -

It's still a work in progress, there are some features we've yet to add like the page views (I need to learn PHP first!) and we'll be featuring more animators to. There are some big names from Pixar, Dreamworks and Blue Sky as well as some great animators you may not have discovered - hopefully an ideal site to bookmark for the occasional motivational 5 minute break at work.

If you know of a great demo reel not on the site, you can email it to

I will be posting reelbarrow updates on this blog, I've added a 'reelbarrow' topic to the sidebar so you can filter this blog to just show reelbarrow updates.


Jose Diaz said...

WOW, already lot's of awesome reels up!
Great initiativity, defitnetly a great page to visit and seek inspiration.
Going to recommend the site.

Thumbs up!!

Brendan Body said...

Great.Thanks Jose.

Daniel said...

Hey Brendan,

I'll do a post about this and get the word out. But you should check out this Vimeo page too. It's got some great stuff on it. :)

- Tim Sormin - said...

The 'Reel'y Inspiring! Vimeo channel has lots -

Brendan Body said...

Cool. Thanks Daniel.

Skellybobbly said...

Good work Brendan!

I'll be checking through the reel collection later.



Seymour Michael Simone said...

Not too long ago I also recreated a list of links to animator's website and their work. Feel free to browse through the list and grab any links that will help your list:

Best regards,

Seymour M. Simone

Brendan Body said...

Thanks Seymour, I'll pass those on.

Dapoon said...

Aww this is great!! I too miss StrutYourReel, so thanks so much for this initiative! :)

Some of the other links posted in the comments section are awesome too.

Virgil said...

hahaha, yeah, I just noticed that too. (about strut your reel)