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Wednesday 22 December 2010

Making of Legend of the Guardians

I believe this video is one of the extras from the DVD of Legend of the Guardians which was released in the US last week.

The clip shows a few of the animators acting out their scenes for reference, and some have a real talent for performing as well as animating. Sadly I'm not featured but I think there is probably enough footage of me 'acting' on the internet already.

I feel I should mention that although this was a process favoured by many animators including myself, not everyone did it or found it useful. Some would get frustrated at their inability to capture the performance they wanted or were not comfortable in front of the camera. They would prefer and were perfectly capable of finding a great performance internally or through drawing. There is no one way of working that is right for everyone and all animators have to find what leads to the best end result for them.

Merry Christmas and a big thank you to everyone who is following this blog.


Anonymous said...

Great post Brendan! Very interesting to hear about animators who don't film themselves! I guess it can sometimes depend on the type of shot perhaps? And indeed, the type of person. Pete

Daniel Harris said...

Awesome post Brendan :-D. I hate to imagine animating that barn owl without even having an interface, jeepers!!

Hope all is well in your world :-D