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Monday 17 May 2010

My Showreel

My Showreel is now available to view on Vimeo.

Showreel from Brendan Body on Vimeo.

Unfortunately it doesn't feature any of my latest work from Legends of the Guardians, however I'll be showing some exciting stuff from the film later this year.


Kate said...

Wow awesome reel!! Thanks for keeping the blog too, its a great read. I especialy liked your weight entry last month even though it left me feeling totally unqualified to be an animator.

Brendan Body said...

Hey Kate,

Thanks for visiting and I'm really glad you find this blog useful.

Your comment about the weight post made me laugh, I can get a little over analytical and pseudo-scientific sometimes. Basically I meant to write 'big things look like they move slower' ... but I got sidetracked by gravitational theories and dinosaurs! And I rarely feel qualified to be an animator myself - always so much to learn.

Good luck,