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Tuesday 8 May 2012

The Amazing Spider-Trailer

Hello, here's the latest trailer of The Amazing Spider-Man, the film I was working on up until a few weeks ago.

Looks pretty good I reckon and I particularry respect the brave decicion they've made not to put a series of loud 'BRAAAAHHHHHHH' horn noises throughout. I was also pretty pleased to see one of the shots I animated appear in it. It occurs at around 32 seconds and looks like this -


Jeff Williams said...

I really love the weight added to Spidey's swings for Amazing. The slack in the line and residual energy that effects him as his swings is a beautiful touch and really grounds his movements believably. Great work!

Christopher said...

I'd think that a breakdown of workflow/reference/etc. for some Spidey shots could make for a pretty great blog post :) Nice work, looking forward to the movie!

Elizabeth said...

how!? :D That was absolutely amazing. great work!

Anonymous said...

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