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Friday 13 April 2012

Spider-Man Finishes, Picture taken

Posts on this blog seem to have gotten a little slow recently but hopefully that will change soon. Work on The Amazing Spider-Man is now drawing to a close and it's looking like I'll have a break between projects. Which hopefully means I'll find some time to write some interesting posts here.

With great power comes great VFX work.

A big congrats to the Spidey team at Sony Imageworks. It may sound cheesy but one of the best things about this project was working with such a lovely bunch of people. For anyone interested, I'm on the right of the picture wearing the John O' Groats sweatshirt. Woooo! John O' Groats! Right? ... eh? Oh.


Dhaval Soni said...

You're posts are always soo very enlightening, it is an honor to read them. Please continue posting more cool stuff. If it is alright, I posted a link to your site on my site. I hope it is alright.
Thanks again for sharing such cool stuff.

Brendan Body said...

Hey Dhaval, Thanks although I don't think this post is that interesting I'll do my best to get something good up here soon. Of course it's alright to add a link, thanks very much.


Pablo SolĂ­s said...

We´ll wait for them