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Sunday 9 May 2010

Eric Guaglione's Roger Rabbit 2 Test

Animal Logic's Head of Animation, Eric Guaglione, has had a long and varied career in the film and animation industry. He started out in traditional drawn animation and miniature work, from there he moved over to computers and worked at the forefront of 3D animation. Before Eric came to Animal Logic he worked at Disney Animation Studios where he was involved in project development and animation supervision.

He has been a part of many interesting projects but one thing he showed me that really blew me away was a test for Roger Rabbit 2 he helped create in 1998 while at Disney. I'd never seen the exaggeration and fluidity of drawn animation mixed with the solidity of 3D animation work so well before. Here's a low-res preview -

Eric Guaglione's Roger Rabbit Test from Brendan Body on Vimeo.

Roger Rabbit Test: property of Disney Animation Studios

For a better look, head over to Eric's website where there is a high quality Quicktime to step through, as well as more of his work.

Recently I was inspired by the work of Clay Kaytis over at Animation Podcast and decided to conduct a few interviews of my own. I was fortunate enough to record one with Eric which I've been hoping to turn into a series of animation related podcasts ... or bodcasts if you will, but haven't yet found the time. However, I thought it would be interesting to post the part where Eric talks about this test - why it was created, the problems encountered and what eventually happened to the project.

Hopefully I'll get time to post the rest of this 'Animation Bodcast' as well as others soon (I've added an extra link to the topics).

Huge thanks to Eric for agreeing to the interview and a big thanks to the subscribers of this blog. 25 now! I am seriously amazed.


J. C. Estrada said...

This is SO AMAZING! It's like the missing link for us Roger Rabbit fans, thanks for sharing it with us =3

P.S. I own a Roger Rabbit-related blog, and I'm linking this article in the hopes more RR fans like me can check it out :D

Brendan Body said...

You're very welcome and thanks for the link.

As a Roger Rabbit fan, I would also recommend you visit the animation podcast website if you haven't already. The interviews with Andreas Deja, Nick Ranieri and James Baxter are filled with great insights and stories from the production of the original Roger Rabbit film.

All the best,


Andy Holden said...

thanks so much for posting this Brendan; it's a test I've heard so much about over the last few years but I've never been able to find it until now! :D

J. C. Estrada said...

Well, finally the screen test hitted the online media thanks to Cartoon Brew and thanks to someone who uploaded this test to YouTube.

However, I'll keep giving you credit for this amazing discovery, and in fact I'm writing a new entry on my blog regarding this :)

Brendan Body said...

Thanks Bunnyfriend, yup, it seems to have gone crazy over on Cartoon Brew, interesting to find out more about it though.